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Same Day Dentistry services offered in Richardson, TX

Most dental restorations take at least two visits to complete, but thanks to same-day dentistry, you can enjoy a beautiful smile after just one appointment. At Smile Makeover in Richardson, Texas, Osama Siddiqui, DMD, offers same-day crowns, bridges, and even dental implants. To find out if you’re a candidate for same-day restorations, call Smile Makeover or schedule an appointment online today.

Same Day Dentistry Q & A

What is same-day dentistry?

Same-day dentistry refers to restorative treatments that your dentist performs in a single visit. 

Normally, dental restorations like crowns, bridges, and implants take at least two visits to plan and place. During the first appointment, your dentist takes impressions to create your restorations, which they place at your next visit.

With advanced technology and on-site milling machines, Dr. Siddiqui at Smile Makeover can create your impressions and restorations in one appointment.

How does same-day dentistry work?

When you arrive for your appointment, Dr. Siddiqui performs a dental exam and prepares your teeth. Depending on the type of restoration you choose, he may file and reshape your affected teeth. Next, he takes digital impressions of your teeth to create your restorations.

With on-site CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/manufacturing) technology, Dr. Siddiqui can design your custom treatment and then create it using an in-office milling machine. This process takes just a few minutes, so you won’t have to wait long to see your new crown or bridge. 

Once your restorations are ready, Dr. Siddiqui places them to fully restore your tooth function and appearance in one visit.

What treatments are included in same-day dentistry?

The most popular same-day restorations that Dr. Siddiqui offers at Smile Makeover include:

Dental crowns

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering that protects and rebuilds your damaged tooth. Dr. Siddiqui uses impressions of your tooth to create an exact mold. After milling the crown in his office, he places and cements it to restore the size, shape, and color of your tooth in one visit.

Dental bridges

A dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth. A traditional bridge consists of two crowns with an artificial tooth in the center. The crowns fit over the two adjacent teeth to hold the artificial tooth in place, much like the abutments of a bridge support the center. 

When you come in for a same-day bridge, Dr. Siddiqui prepares your abutment teeth for crowns and takes digital impressions. After designing your treatment, he uses his in-office milling machine to create the restorations.

Dental implants

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that typically take several months to plan and place.

With same-day dentistry, however, you can leave Smile Makeover with a new set of teeth in one visit. If you’re a good candidate for same-day dental implants, Dr. Siddiqui uses in-office CAD/CAM technology and a milling machine to create your new implants in one visit.

To learn more about same-day dentistry, call Smile Makeover or schedule an appointment online now.